10 Unique Households

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10 unique household ladder models with anti-mainstream designs, make the interior of the house even more special.

Houses with 2 floors or more certainly require stairs. However, the existence of a ladder is sometimes seen as just a function. In fact, what if the household can be designed in such a way? So that in addition to function, this becomes an aesthetic addition and makes the interior of the house look more attractive.

These are some unique household models with anti-mainstream designs.

1. Unique ship-style ladder

What comes to your mind when you see a staircase with a design like this?

Yes, that’s right, like looking at the steps in the room of a small cruise ship isn’t it.

When the stairs to the upper room are designed as usual, this tiny two-story house designs a very unique staircase. Besides saving space and money, this unique staircase also looks simple, but looks really cool.

2. Household plus storage cabinets

It is suitable for those who do not have enough storage space.

This household ladder is very unique. This is deliberately designed to provide maximum function for each part of the stairs.

3. Stairs and Bookshelves

Maybe the basic idea is the same as the number two ladder design, but this household ladder model is definitely dreamed of by those of you who like to read and have a large collection of books.

Instead of setting up a separate room to store and display books, it’s better like this right? Looks very unique.

4. Unique Multifunction Ladder

This staircase design is even more unique. Tables, bookshelves, and various other functions, deliberately put together.

Brilliant household decorating ideas. Maximum utilization of space and functions.

5. Musician Stairs

The musician ladder, if you may call and term it. Artsy!

6. Stairs plus Storage

In principle the same as number two. You’re totally cool.

7. Librarian Household

This stair designer must be someone who really loves books. Superb!

8. Reading Room Stairs

As the saying goes: ‘books are a window to the world’.

There is no need for a special space to store and reread the books in your collection. On the stairs, it is very possible.

Feels like on campus, hanging out and doing campus assignments while sitting on the stairs.

9. Unique household ladder, … ah, please look for the term yourself!

Incredible, old wardrobes that “eat” space and space, just throw away or give the neighbors.

10. Household Shape Prosotan

Now there is no need to take your little one to the playground to just play props. Households have provided.