7 Bedroom Design from the Interior Design Awards Winners

The dream bedroom design has an almost flawless look. The aesthetic touch, the combination, and the choice of interior style used, gave birth to an atmosphere that was so impressive.

Having ideas and ideas as creative as anything is usually not necessarily able to materialize into a masterpiece and is recognized by many people. However, another thing with the following line of the best interior designers, with extraordinary works when designing a dream bedroom.

This series of “sacred” space plane designs has an almost flawless look. The aesthetic touch, the combination, and also the choice of interior style used, gave birth to a very impressive atmosphere of space. No wonder they are the winners of the 2107 interior design awards recently.

To be able to create a dream bedroom design that is rewarded with interior design awards, of course creativity and imagination are needed that is extraordinary. How they managed to change and juggle the bedroom into a very attractive appearance, with maximum functionality, and the psychological aspects of space that are not left behind.

Reporting from sarasotamagazine, here are some bedroom room appearances, the work of the world’s top designers with a very modern and aesthetic appearance.

Dream Bedroom Design # 1: 21st Century “Farmhouse”

Named 21st Century “Farmhouse”; the work of Laurel Park Stephanie Nolan from Distinctive Interiors, in collaboration with a celebrity designer, Thom Filicia.

Thick cobalt blue walls set the dream bedroom design theme in a farmhouse style house, in downtown Sarasota’s Laurel Park. Interior designer Stephanie Nolan, working with Thom Filicia from Queer Eye.

Wooden plank floors, white ceilings and metal touches complete the elements of the farmhouse house. Thom’s approach looks very modern, clearly seen in the shape and line of the furniture he uses. The combination of white and blue is truly charming.

Dream Bedroom Design # 2: Blu Home, Palmetto residence

“Clients want something that feels very clean but modern. This is always a challenge because we don’t want the room to feel cold. We achieve this look through fine textures and tactile materials rather than many colors. The room felt transitional, with lots of warm white, gray and ivory. The climax, is the view of the water, thus keeping everything soft in the interior. ” Said Chelsea Dunbar, the designer.

Dream Bedroom Design # 3: Blu Home: Southside-area residence

Still the work of Chelsea Dunbar, Blu Home; Southside-area, which features colors that are “fun pop”, metallic accents, and layers of white that make the room feel renewed and very eclectic.

Dream Bedroom Design # 4: Chic on the Cheap: Kanaya

The work of the designer, Jessica Napoli. Turn a four-storey unit into a residential style approach to the mid-1950s era. A dream bedroom design that looks spacious, a typical dressing table set-up, and a king size bed. A suite room with a seating area for watching TV and also a work area.

A modern mid-century look with clean lines and a fairly simple yet luxurious appearance.

Dream Bedroom Design # 5: The Oaks

“Our design concept for the master bedroom is more formal than bedrooms in other homes.” Said Angela Rodriguez, the designer.

Angela designed the dream bedroom and made it feel light and fresh with a soft natural color palette. It maintains the existing wooden floor, white wainscot and trim, and beautiful mahogany doors. Luxury silk wall coverings are applied to the walls and ceiling.

The effect feels very acoustic and soft. You can feel and hear the quiet calm once you enter the room. Really a dream bedroom design.

Dream Bedroom Design # 6: The Oaks 2

In this guest bedroom Angela decides to look at the “beach,” gathering inspirational pieces from various sources. This dream bedroom design has beautiful hanging walls, natural fiber walls covered with the right texture, 4-poster queen beds that are custom made and handmade by an artist / craftsman.

Everything looks very planned and looks fresh, so all personalization appears very unique. Very private and personal.

Dream Bedroom Design # 7: Chic on the Cheap: Village West, Siesta Key

Masterpiece by designer Joseph Clark, with the theme Chic on the Cheap.

Joe, Joseph’s nickname, was inspired by the atmosphere of the beach and seemed to be trying to incorporate elements of the beach in his design. Display color combinations, display warmth with the use of wood and keep clean lines with a modern touch. Dream bedroom design with a soothing atmosphere and feel.