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A Habitat home begins out as an thought. Stephen Tobolowsky was the original actor that was set to play the co-host of Tool Time and his character’s title was Glen. This study differs from different research, which primarily targeted on the relation between green area and self-perceived measures of physical and psychological health.

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Now we have one of the best dwelling improvement tasks, professional advice, and DIY house improvement concepts in your residence. A number of epidemiological research have shown that green area is positively correlated with self-perceived well being, number of signs experienced and mortality. If you would like to learn extra in regards to the many home enchancment projects we are able to full at your Pensacola, FL, dwelling, contact Majors House Enchancment at present.

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Ideas to make the most of your kitchen bench space

Kitchen bench space… we’d all like more of it! But what do you do if a kitchen extension is out of the question? What do you do if you have a really small kitchen? Well, the answer is simple enough – You just need to make the most of the kitchen bench space that you do have. Read on if you want to learn about some ingenious ways to create extra kitchen bench space and our top tips for kitchen bench space ideas.

First off, we need to clarify what we actually mean by kitchen bench space. The term ‘kitchen bench’ or ‘kitchen bench space’ is essentially a catch-all phrase to cover all countertops, worktops and food preparation areas that you have in the kitchen. It’s the work zone of the kitchen. It stands to reason why extra kitchen bench space is so important and why most homeowners are interested … Read more

A Guide to Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Units

The cabinets you choose for your kitchen are an essential part of any modern, well-designed kitchen. You need to take your time to consider the balance of style and functionality. Yes, of course, you want your new kitchen to look good. You want it to catch the eye and to dazzle. But, at the same time, you should never lose sight of the fact that the kitchen needs to be a functional and usable space. Quite rightly, many homeowners focus on getting the worktop and overall layout right for their needs. But there is another very important thing to consider: the height you choose for your wall cabinets. Traditionally, kitchen cabinets have a gap above and below them. However, floor to ceiling units are another great option.

In our Guide to Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Units we will answer the questions that people frequently ask such as: Should kitchen units

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Pantry Dimensions for Every Type and Design

Understanding the best pantry dimensions for various pantry types is a vital tool to building the most efficient space. From walk-in pantries to small corner pantries, there are so many ways to organize your space that it is difficult to know where to begin.

pantry dimensions
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Designing a pantry from scratch gives you an ideal opportunity to get the most out of your space. You should seek to create an efficient, user optimal, and space effective area at the same time.

We have a few design tips and tricks to help you do just that.

Tips for Determining Pantry Dimensions

Tips for Determining Pantry Dimensions
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Before you decide on your optimal pantry dimensions and design, consider these factors to help you determine which style pantry is right for you.

  • Available Space – When you are designing a pantry from scratch, you are often allocating space from the kitchen
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Log burner sales are up… but at what cost to the environment? – Kitchen Blog | Kitchen Design, Style Tips & Ideas

Data has shown that wood burners actually emit more particle pollution than traffic. Particle pollution causes various toxins to enter the bloodstream. Exposure can have a significant impact to health as the toxins can be transported around the body, affecting the brain, heart, and other organs. Campaigners claim that the decrease in particle pollution from coal burning, industry, and transport have largely been offset by emission increases in two main areas: biomass burning by industry – and wood burning in domestic settings. Some campaigners see the issue as so important that they have called the rise in log burner sales a ‘public health catastrophe.’ They have even called for the sale and new installation of wood burning stoves to be banned.

Authorities are mixed in their responses. The EU tightened their rules on air pollution limits earlier this year. The latest Ecodesign wood burning stoves are now mandatory for all … Read more