Minimalist Living Room Lamp Inspiration for Your Home

When determining the design of the living room, the minimalist concept has always been the number one choice for millennial families. The design is simple and even classified as minimal decoration so that the residence becomes more spacious. Although simple, in fact the living room can still look charming and perfect for your dream home. For example, by using a minimalist living room lamp that is functional, but has an aesthetic touch so that it can also be a decoration in the room.

Well, here are 5 inspirational living room lights that you can choose for your home. Come on, let’s see together!

Living Room Lights that Beautify the Desk Area

Do you have a family room as well as a living room? If so, then the atmosphere must be made comfortable to relax too, my friend. Choose a living room lamp that can be placed on the table like the following inspiration. The design of the pole is slim with a classic small hood so that it remains space-saving even when placed on a small TV table. Don’t forget to choose a color that matches the furniture and other furniture, OK!

Chandelier with Minimalist Hood

Many people avoid the chandelier model for a small living room for fear that the atmosphere will be more crowded. In fact, there are easy solutions that you can apply, such as the inspiration for the living room lamp above, which has a minimalist hood design and the size of the pole is not too long. Then, the living room is arranged with the concept of lesehan so that there is still some distance between the head of the guest or occupant and the lamp.

For similar lamp models, you can choose this one product. The color is light gray so that it accentuates the minimalist impression. The main material of this lamp is metal with wood accents at the top. In addition to a minimalist living room, it can also be used for a Japanese or industrial style room.

Minimalist Industrial Style Living Room Lamp

Industrial-style living room lamps are synonymous with large sizes. However, what if the living room is small? Of course, it’s not right to use big lights. An alternative that you can look at is a chandelier with a black iron pole and a light bulb only, without a lampshade. As a result, the room looks more spacious. The appearance is also able to give the impression of elegance and mystery in your living room.

Minimalist Metal Cage Lamp

The living room, which is dominated by gray, should be equipped with matching living room lights such as silver. This color has its own luster so that it adds a modern impression to the living room. The lamp itself consists of a yellow bulb with a large slit cage. This minimalist lamp with metal cage reminds us of the shape of a bird cage. The gap between the frames allows the light to reach all areas of the room. The size of this lamp is 18×18 cm with a cable length of 150 cm.

Minimalist Standing Lamp

There are times when we feel that the corner of the living room is so empty even though all the furniture is already available. Maybe it’s time to put a standing lamp in that corner. Not only filling the void, but the standing living room lamp can also improve the mood when entertaining guests.