Creating a Changing Room on a Budget

There are some great ideas for creating the dressing room of your dreams without breaking the bank. Not all of us have the luxury of having a spacious walk-in wardrobe.
However, what you need to have is creativity to turn any room into a dressing room and store your valuables in comfort and style.
So, take a look at some of these simple and budget-friendly ways to create a beautiful dressing room. reported from several sources, here we summarize for you tips for making a dressing room.

Minimalist Room with Glass Doors

The first inspiration is a minimalist style walk-in closet design, closed by glass doors. Entering it there is access to the main bathroom. The sequence is, bedroom-walk-in closet-bathroom.
So after taking a shower, users can immediately choose clothes and wear them on the spot.
To distinguish the sleeping area and changing area, apart from being separated by sliding glass doors, the floor level is raised by using wooden planks or parquet flooring.

So Part of the Bedroom

The second inspiration, a walk-in closet is placed on one side of the bed. As a barrier, sliding glass doors are used so that the space remains part of the bedroom.
The walk-in toilet is equipped with a wardrobe with accessories such as cross-bars for hanging clothes, lined iron for hanging trousers, and short drawers for storing ties and socks.
This wardrobe has no doors, because the walk-in closet itself is in a closed room. In this room also stored pillows, sheets, bed covers, and other sleeping equipment.
Dressing table and mirror are placed outside the walk-in closet because this walk-in closet is not too wide. Dressing table placed beside the bed.

Romantic touch

Crystal chandeliers, decorative mirrors or sitting mirrors are items that make your wardrobe look elegant and charming. With all these elements creates a romantic atmosphere and you will look very comfortable.

Convenient shelves for all collections

This type of dressing room is deliberately designed for a large apartment, providing one room that is large enough to place your wardrobe and shoe collection. If you feel bored with your previous dressing room arrangement, maybe you can update it by using the following inspirational arrangement for vertical space. In this way, you can store your clothes together with your shoes and accessories collection.

Clothes storage room in the attic

The attic is often a difficult and rarely used space other than for storage. The sloping angle on the attic roof often narrows the space for movement. In this way we can place custom cabinets that match the attic roof so that it is useful.