Habitat for Humanity, church fulfill mom’s last request for daughter

Homeowner Anastasia Hillard lays down flooring Aug.  27, 2022, inside her home in Oklahoma City.  Volunteers and workers with Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity's Critical Home Repair Program worked over several weekends making major repairs to Hillard's home.

It was a local mom’s last wish to see her daughter become the owner of a newly refurbished house.

A group of civic and community organizations along with a local church have been working to make Charlotte Hillard’s dream come true for her daughter, Anastasia.

Debra Johnson, leader of St. John’s parish fellowship ministry, called the recent home rehabilitation efforts “Anna’s House Habitat Project.” She said the exterior of the house had been greatly improved through an extensive remodeling effort through the city of Oklahoma City’s Homeowners Exterior Maintenance Program.

A recent project to improve the house’s interior was conducted through the Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity’s Critical Home Repair Program. The completed renovations to Anastasia Hillard’s northeast Oklahoma City home amounted to a complete interior overhaul. Volunteers, including many from St. John Missionary Baptist Church, worked on Hillard’s home Aug. 18-27.

Charlotte and Anastasia Hillard embrace in this photograph taken during a family celebration.

Volunteers worked on the home’s bathroom, installing new shower faucets, a vanity and toilet. In the kitchen, they worked on plumbing, including washer/dryer hookups, drainage, faucets and the sink. New flooring was installed in many parts of the home, a hot water tank was replaced and a hole in the dining room ceiling was repaired.

Anastasia Hillard, 28, worked alongside Johnson and several groups of volunteers during the Habitat for Humanity project. She said she was happy to see all of the plans for her home come to fruition and that her mother, who died several years ago, would have been pleased, as well.