3D-printed home unveiled in Redding, billed as a first in California

The foundation has been poured for the 3D-printed home at Enterprise Community Park.

A partnership between the city of Redding, Emergent 3D and AccessHome was unveiled Wednesday at Enterprise Community Park.

That’s where Redding is expected to become the first city in California to build an on-site 3D-printed home — a 1,200-square-foot house that will serve as the residence for the Enterprise Community Park host.

The home’s exterior and interior walls will be 3D printed. The rest of the house, including the foundation, will be built the traditional way.

“The reason you don’t see any printing, we are in the middle of training,” said Don Ajamian, a local builder who partnered with Matthew Gile to establish Emergent 3D. Ajamian is CEO. Gile, who moved to Redding weeks before the 2018 Carr Fire, is founder and chief visionary officer.

In the wake of the Carr Fire, Ajamian and Gile saw a demand for affordable housing for those who lost a house in the devastating fire, which destroyed nearly 1,100 homes in Shasta County.

Matthew Gile, left, and Don Ajamian, both of Emergent 3D, talk about the 3D-printed house being built at Enterprise Community Park on Wednesday, Aug.  31, 2022.

Ajamian said the cost to build a 3D-printed home is about 11% cheaper than a traditional stick-built house.

AccessHome, a Redding-based nonprofit, will operate the home in Enterprise Park and has committed to a 20-year contract to maintain the property, which is down a dirt road at the northwest end of the park off Victor Avenue in south Redding.

The park has had hosts in the past, but previously they lived in trailers that they brought onto the property, city officials said.

“We’re calling this the wildfire restoration house, a house that is meant to get people back in housing,” Ajamian said.

Ajamian said Emergent 3D has agreements to build six more 3D-printed homes in Redding and one in Butte County.

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