A Victorian Country Home in Middleburg’s Historic Unison Village

unison village home exterior

In Middleburg’s historic Unison village, 21091 Unison Road is a prime example of a property that has maintained its historic charm throughout the decades without becoming outdated. The 1820 house — also known as “Glatton Folly” — is full of unique details that show off its 19th-century origins, including four fireplaces and two wood-burning stoves that keep the inside cozy. Even with all that antique appeal, updates to the kitchen and bathrooms ensure that the place is in working order — so the new owners can experience the look of the Victorian era without sacrificing the comforts of 21st-century life.

The home has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, coming in at nearly 2,600 square feet. The current list price is $895,000.

Courtesy of Thomas and Talbot Estate Properties

The muted colors in this Victorian-style fireplace impose a quaint, warm atmosphere throughout the dining area, showing off the original identity of the historic structure.

Courtesy of Thomas and Talbot Estate Properties

It’s all in the details in this comfortable sitting room; these built-in bookshelves and another fireplace — the home boasts four in total — are perfect examples of the sort of architectural quirks that give older homes a sense of character.

Courtesy of Thomas and Talbot Estate Properties

The kitchen displays a delicate balance between preserving the history of the home while still valuing functionality. The kitchen’s design flows seamlessly with the rest of the home, maintaining a vintage feeling, while updates and renovations from the previous owners keep the space practical.

Courtesy of Thomas and Talbot Estate Properties

Upstairs, the primary bedroom features rustic wood beams on the ceiling and warm-toned hardwood floors to make for a modest, comfortable space. This bedroom is just across the hall from the door to a small covered balcony, and though there is no ensuite bathroom, a full bath is just a few steps away on the same level.

unison village home arial
Courtesy of Thomas and Talbot Estate Properties

The home’s exterior offers nearly as much character as the inside. The butter yellow walls — a traditional color in Victorian design — feature German lap siding, and a standing-seam metal roof holds solar panels, once again demonstrating the balance between vintage design and modern functionality.

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