4 Simple Tips To Fix The Peeling Paint On Your Home’s Exterior

Once you have an inkling that your home’s exterior paint job is peeling a little, it’s important to nip the problem in the bud. The first step, according to Dulux, is identifying and eliminating anything that could be causing moisture damage. It could be runoff splashing back from a gutter, condensation over time, or the first tell-tale sign of a new leak somewhere. If you don’t remove the root cause of the moisture, the paint will be peeling again before you know it.

If localized water damage is not the cause of the problem, check the perimeter to find out if there are other areas of the house where peeling is happening. If the issue was localized to a few areas, you might still be able to avoid having to repaint the whole house. According to Home Depot, if peeling exterior paint isn’t caused by moisture, it’s often caused by improper preparation of the exterior surfaces when the house was previously painted. This is the sort of thing that could be a tiny oversight, or indicate a wider problem. If any of the paint on the outside of your house is peeling, it’s key to understand the causes and extent of the peeling before you can effectively solve the issue.