Memories Made in the Kitchen with Mum – Kitchen Blog | Kitchen Design, Style Tips & Ideas

Some of our fondest memories are often from our childhood. A time when there were no responsibilities; life was about fun, playing and exploration; and our family was always there for us. Of course, family bonding takes place in a whole host of places. From the dining table on a Sunday to the beach on a summer holiday to the lounge in front of the TV – it can take place anywhere. But when it takes place in the kitchen, a special kind of magic happens. Memories are made; traditions are tried and tested; and lifelong habits are formed.

The kitchen isn’t called the heart of home for nothing. It’s where the love is. The home is a place for making memories. Of course, other special family occasions – such as summer holidays – are also prime memory making moments. However, the everyday; the comfort; and the safety and

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Is a kitchen extension a good investment? – Kitchen Blog | Kitchen Design, Style Tips & Ideas

The kitchen is a vital part of any home. That much is obvious. For decades now, all the homebuyer research, studies and surveys out there have pointed to that. The kitchen, in any prospective purchase, has been seen as something of a dealbreaker. Homebuyers can overlook many things about a property: dated décor in the lounge, bedrooms that are a little on the small side – even the general point that ‘it needs a bit of work’. However, most homebuyers aren’t prepared to compromise when it comes to the kitchen. People want a kitchen that suits their needs and works for them from Day One. The last thing that anybody wants to be doing anytime soon when they move into their new home is to be thinking about ripping the existing kitchen out and starting all over again.

But where does all this leave those weighing up their options regarding

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Things that can cause damage to your kitchen – Kitchen Blog | Kitchen Design, Style Tips & Ideas

When we think of damage that can be caused in the kitchen, the focus is usually on safety. There’s good reason for this, of course. Personal safety is obviously of paramount importance as there’s no room in the house as potentially dangerous as the kitchen. Whether it’s the heat from the oven and the hob; the steam from the kettle; the sharp edges of knives; or even the hard corners of cabinets at child-head-height; there are a lot of potential hazards lying in wait in the kitchen. It’s therefore not a surprise to see that most advice articles online tend to focus on keeping the family safe from harm in the kitchen. But let’s not forget there are a lot of things – often the same things that can harm us – that can also cause damage to your kitchen.

Avoid damage to your kitchen: Make it last a

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