Cabin Kitchens: Design Essentials and Inspiration

Modern-day cabin kitchens have a wide variety of styles. From the rustic modern log cabin kitchen ideas to sophisticated cabin chalets, there are designs that will interest anyone. 

Cabin Kitchens
Urbaine Home

Above all, coziness is key in cabin kitchens. For her own cabin renovation featured in House Beautiful, Heidi Caillier valued comfort and designing a space that has a lived-in and layered look.

Cabin Kitchens: Popular Design Elements

As different as cabin kitchens look, there are some cabin kitchen decor elements that tie these spaces together and make them distinct from other kitchens.

  • Wood Tones – Most every cabin kitchen has wood-tone elements on one or more features in the kitchen. This can be in the flooring, cabinets, exposed beam ceilings, or decorative wood accents.
  • Cozy and Welcoming Textures – Each cabin kitchen has a distinct look, but the best ones create a warm and welcoming presence. You can do
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Are They Right For You?

Wood countertops are not as popular today as natural stone countertops like marble and granite. Yet, nothing provides the same look and feel of wood countertops. They have a loyal following and they continue to be utilized in kitchen designs with diverse styles.

wood countertop

Many people love the look and texture of real wood countertops and don’t mind the reconditioning necessary to keep them looking their best. For others, this ongoing maintenance is too much work. The question is, which person are you?

Read further to understand the distinct qualities of wood countertops.

Types of Wood Countertops

Stylish extensions are the perfect place to feature wood countertops.View in gallery

There is some confusion surrounding the term “wood countertops”. Some people refer to all wood countertops as butcher block countertops. Instead, there are two main types of wood countertops: butcher block, wood slab, and wood plank.

Butcher Block Countertops

These consist of small pieces of wood that manufacturers fuse together to

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Your Guide to Understanding Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher block countertops have become a popular countertop option in kitchen styles of all different kinds.

Butcher block countertopView in gallery

The unique makeup of butcher block countertops creates a warm and homey look, but this doesn’t mean that these are a good choice for everyone.

Butcher block countertops have amazing qualities, but they also have some drawbacks. According to home guru, Martha Stewart, butcher block countertops require regular maintenance from each month to every day. This helps butcher block countertops stay conditioned and maintain their texture and color. Otherwise, they will dull and crack. Is the beauty of butcher block counters worth this level of maintenance to you? For some people, the answer is a resounding “yes”! For others, maybe not.

What are Butcher Block Countertops?

What are Butcher Block Countertops
Tom Meaney Architect, AIA

Butcher block countertops are individual pieces of wood that are bound together to form one large surface. Butcher block countertops

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What are Dekton Countertops? A Guide To All You Need To Know

If you are in the market for durable and gorgeous counters, consider Dekton countertops. Dekton countertops are a recent addition to countertop materials. From when it was introduced to the market in 2013 until today, they have risen in popularity.

Dekton Countertops

Part of this popularity is the sheer versatility of the product. According to Dekton’s manufacturer, Consentino, Dekton is used in a number of products beyond countertops. These include cladding, flooring, and furniture. If you are interested in knowing more about this material that is generating all this buzz, read on.

What are Dekton Countertops?

Dekton Countertops

Dekton countertops are part of a larger category that is called engineered stone. Consentino describes Dekton as the “Technical Ultracompact Stone”. They take more than 20 natural minerals and apply immense pressure to bond them together. They do in a couple of hours what nature takes years to complete.

In the end, they produce a

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